Hi all! So today marks the first day in Plymouth! Most of today was spent traveling but still follow along and see how I got on!

So, my 3 day trip to Plymouth started today! My first trip of 2024. Initally I was not that excited but as I became closer to leaving I started to get excited. The journay took about 4 hours and 30 minutes, not inluding breaks. I definally needed break though! It was a tiring drive albeit a simple drive as I only had to follow a few roads! I stopped twice, once to strech my legs and grab coffee and a second time for lunch.

I still get excited with stopping at service stations! My friend thinks I am mad but for someone who has never done it before, although I can see it getting quite boring! The prices are insane at service stations as well! My lunch today was not to most healthy, I grabbed a Burger King and enjoyed it!

The drive was smooth as I said above it was fairly straightfoward better than I thought it would be! I was able to use cruise control for most of the way and listened to an audio book which was good! Including breaks I think the journey took about 6 hours or so, I left home at 09:30 and arrived at Plymouth and stopped at Sainsburys for supplies about 16:00.

Finally I arrived at my hotel and checked in, it seems like a good hotel. Overall the room is nice though, it will be comfortable for my stay! Parking seems OK as well, there were a few spaces by the time I arrived which was good! Hopefully it will stay that way as I need to hit the Gym while I am here! Here is a room tour!

I have meal voulchers for my 3 day stay. I selected my dinner time as 1915 and Breakfast as 0815, seems resonable! They are booked up a bit this week by the looks of it but that might be become of Michael Mcintyre. Here is what I had for dinner:

Unfortunately, they lost my order…inhad to wait 38 minutes before they realised! I was annoyed with that because I was hungry! I did get a free drink and an apology so that was OK! Here is my desert:

After the long delay I headed back to the room and started to unpack and then just chilled for the rest of the evening!

Tomorrow I am going to the National Aquarium just across the way from the hotel. It is the biggest Aquarium in the UK so I am looking forward to it! After my visit I may head to the gym. Not sure yet! So join me tomorrow!


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