Evening all! So today was my second day in Plymouth, I know it’s a short break, but I am starting to relax which is good! Today saw me head to the National Marine Aquarium. Follow along with me!

First stop of the day is to go and grab breakfast! I have breakfast included with the meal deal I have for the duration of my stay. I slept well last night, despite the duvet being too hot! They really should have the option to have a thin duvet, really! I went and had a shower and headed downstairs

I have an entrance time to the National Marine Aquarium (NMA) of 10:30 so after I had breakfast I chilled in the hotel room and headed off for a short walk to the NMA. The walk itself from my hotel is about 3–4 minutes, so not long at all really! I wanted to do a bit of an explore while I waited, so I had a wonder round the harbour. Weather was not on my side today!

As 10:30 approached, I headed over to the NMA, so I was ready. They do a great deal that with one purchase you get an annual pass for free! So if I choose to come back, I can visit for free! I scanned my ticket with the friendly staff member and started to explore the aquarium!

The aquarium is split into different areas, so my first stop was the small fish area, then followed by “British Coasts” which basically has fish from the British coast. Here are a few photos!

There is a one way system at this place, so you basically follow it around and get to see all of the areas! The next area was Atlantic Ocean! They do free shows here which I think is cool, I visited when there was not a show on. Perhaps now I have an annual pass I might go for a show! Anyway, Atlantic Ocean had the shark encounter, it was great and you learn a lot! Not as good a Sea World in Florida though! Here are some pictures:

The final area is The Great Barrier Reef, which was also a good area! I do love an aquarium! Here are a few pictures:

All in all it took me about 30 minutes to go through the aquarium, it was an excellent aquarium, but I can’t help but think maybe I set my expectations high as I saw this was the largest aquarium in the UK. I think I might have been spoiled by Florida!!

With the NMA done, I decided I would explore Plymouth! For 2 reasons really. One to have a look and see what Plymouth has to offer, and two to see if I can walk to the Pavilion tomorrow night! I ended up going on a magical mystery tour, so couldn’t really judge!!

It was nice to explore the area, they have a large marina and city centre, they even have a shopping centre which was quite good, it had an Apple shop which if you live in the UK know it’s extremely rare!! So I continued to explore.

At this point I was getting tired as I had already walked 12500 steps! It was also time for lunch, so I decided I wanted Five Guys, as I have not had one in a long while!

This was awesome! Also, very filling! By this point I had run out of steam really as I had walked around in a circle, partly my fault for not following the signs! I decided it would be a good idea to head back to the hotel and relax the rest of the afternoon.

I ended up sleeping a bit and then speaking to my best friend on the phone for over 4 hours! It was nice to chat to them! I was able to relax and chill! Now it was time for dinner. Luckily I did not have the same issue as I did yesterday, however there was a long wait for food which irritated me a little! Here is what I had:

With that done, it was time for me to retire to my room and write this blog and relax for the rest of the evening! Not much really planned tomorrow apart from the show in the evening which I am really looking forward to! I might head to the lighthouse in the morning after my gym session!

So with that, I bid you good night. See ya tomorrow!


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