Hi all! So Day 3 in Plymouth didn’t quite go to plan! Read on to find out!

Today marks my last full day in Plymouth, it has been a great few days! I was initially meant to see Michael McIntyre, but the show got cancelled at the last minute, which was extremely disappointed! But more on that a little later. I didn’t have much planned today, as the show was the only thing I was going to do! Firstly, though, it was time for my breakfast, so I headed downstairs and had breakfast.

Although I did not have much planned today, I did make sure I went to the gym, and it was a large gym too! Much bigger than Chelmsford! I had a good session!

After I went to the gym, I popped to Morrison’s and grabbed lunch. Nothing really exciting, just a meal deal. I then headed to the hotel and rested for the afternoon with my audiobook! I booked dinner for 17:30 as I was meant to go to the show, this is what I had today:

So, unfortunately, as I said above, the show got cancelled. I was just waiting for my dinner surfing my phone, then on Facebook I saw the show had been cancelled…. I was gutted, to say the least! Furthermore, I planned this trip to see him! But I do understand that people can suddenly become unwell, I see it in my job! Just wish we had more notice! But get well soon, Michael Mcintrye, and see you soon! So they will reschedule the event, but it is unlikely I will be able to go, so will have to get a refund. So my evening completely changed! I decided I would chill for the rest of the evening!

Tomorrow will see me heading home, I have booked my breakfast fairly early so I can start to drive fairly early tomorrow as it is a long drive back. I have a great time, just disappointed that the event was cancelled. So see ya tomorrow!


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