So my trip in Plymouth has come to an end! I have had a great few days away, but it’s time to go home!

Despite not getting to see Michael McIntyre, I did enjoy my little break. I think Plymouth is a really nice place and I want to explore it in the future! This week I have explored Plymouth and went to the Aquarium! In the morning, I finished packing up and made sure I had everything I took up. After I have done that, I headed to the restaurant and had my breakfast before the longest journey I have had in a while!

The first stop along the route was a Welcome Break. I had been driving for about 2 hours 30 minutes at this point, and I needed to have a break! I grabbed a coffee and sat down for a little while before continuing the journey.

The second stop was for lunch, I had been driving for 3 hours 30 at this point and still had an hour so had to stop for lunch, I stopped and had KFC then got stuck in traffic! It took a further 1 hour 20 to get home due to traffic!!

Anyway, with that done, I put my stuff away and chilled the rest of the evening! Overall I had a good time in Plymouth, I was disappointed with the show being cancelled, but I can understand. I will probably go back to Plymouth as there is more to explore!!

My next trip will be Nottingham on the 10th March, hopefully this time I will actually get to see Michael McIntyre! Thanks for following along with this boring blog, and see ya in a few weeks!


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