Good evening folks! Day 3 has arrived already…. it has gone so quickly! Today marks my last full day in Nottingham and I decided to visit Nottingham Castle and a cheeky visit to the cinema!

First things first! Time for breakfast! I didn’t sleep as well as I did the night before, last night. I was up by 06:20 not sure why, there was movement upstairs which probably didn’t help! After I woke up and got showered I headed downstairs for breakfast! Today I had the full English and some breakfast cereal!

After breakfast, I headed back upstairs, I was waiting for a phone call as had to deal with something in my personal life, but they didn’t call instead sent a message which annoyed me a little as I would have gone earlier! Anyway with that out of the way I headed over the Nottingham Castle! As I learnt from the City of Caves tour, there isn’t a castle there any more as it was destroyed by rebels, instead a country house was build on the remains of the castle, and it is now a museum about the castle! It was quite interesting! Here are a few pictures!

After my tour of the castle which was admittedly a little smaller than I had thought, I headed for lunch before the cinema, this time I had Subway which was nice! After that I headed to Cineworld. This cinema is huge! It’s spread across two floors!! Can you believe that? Anyway I saw Lisa Frankenstein which was an OK film, a little slow in places, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. The seats were comfy too!

I was going to go to the gym today but decided against it and wanted to relax in my hotel room. That is what I did this afternoon! Dinner today is Chopstix noddles bar here is a picture!

Once I had dinner I headed back to the hotel room, nothing particularly planned for this evening! What are holidays for if you can’t relax! And with that my last full day came to an end! Tomorrow I will be heading home! Luckily it is only a 2 and a half hour drive! See ya tomorrow for my last day and going home day, I’ll do a little review of my week this week tomorrow too! Good night!


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