So, the time has come for me to go home! I have had three fantastic days in Nottingham and have enjoyed the little break. For now, it’s time to get back to reality!

Again, I woke up quite early, but I’m still not sure why! I went to bed normally last night but still woke up at 06:15! I decided I’d finish packing and catch up on a few YouTube videos before going down for breakfast. I got showered and headed downstairs. Likewise, I had the same as the last few days, but I still enjoyed it!

With my breakfast done, it was time for me to pack up my car and go home! I did a once-over to make sure I hadn’t forgotten something, and at 09:30, I went home!

The drive was OK; it was about 3 hours getting back; it didn’t help that for about 10 minutes, I was in standstill traffic trying to get on the A14. That was a bad mistake! I should have continued on the M1 and jumped on the M25. I don’t quite understand why the sat nav took me away from home… but there you go. The A14 had no decent services either; I stopped at McDonald’s, which felt odd! I’ll use the M1 and M25 in the future, and at least there will be decent services!!

Now that I am home, I can sit back and look at my last three days—and I had a great time! The hotel was superb, and I felt really at home there. The breakfast was awesome, too! First up in my review of this week was Sunday.

By far, seeing Michael McIntyre made the trip! I enjoyed the show, and I kept laughing! I am so glad I had the opportunity to go and see him! Although the arena was OK, I was not too fond of the chairs; they are crammed together, and you are up close and personal with showgoers. Now I understand why it is done like that: to ensure as many people get to see him as possible. I wish it were more comfy. I’ll arrange front seats in the future, so I have more legroom! But awesome nonetheless!!

Day 2 saw me heading to the City of Caves; this was very interesting! I learnt a lot! The underground was used for many things, including hiding from the authorities, as air raid shelters and even as a tannery centuries ago! I was pleasantly surprised with this! I learnt there was a whole cave network under Nottngham, and people still use their caves today!

Finally, yesterday, I headed to Nottingham Castle! Again, I found this really interesting. I wished it was a little bigger, but I still enjoyed the stroll around the grounds! I also went to the cinema, which was good!

Overall, I had a good few days. I enjoyed my trip to Nottingham and will happily go again! I know I will be booking Hilton hotels wherever possible in future!! Thanks for reading along! I do not have another trip planned currently, but I hope to have one scheduled soon! See you there!


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